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Bubbles – A tool for victim of Domestic Abuse

Bubbles – A tool for victim of Domestic Abuse Posted on 25/07/2018Leave a comment


Bubbles, for victims of domestic violences

The context

During my training in HTML and CSS with Codez Academy in Cardiff in 2017, I started developing a web application with the help of my tutors.

Inspired from my work as a refuge assistant at Cardiff Women’s Aid, I wanted to create an app which permit the victims of domestic abuse to contact Cardiff Women’s Aid organisation safely and discreetly.

Most of the time, an abusive relationship is characterised by one of the partner being very controlling over the other one.

Very often, women victims of this type of partner, suffer from a lack of freedom and privacy.

When come the time to seek help to escape that relationship, many of them struggle to make contact with the appropriate services as their abusive partner is constantly around.


The concept

The concept of the app is simple and could help a lot of victims : on their mobile phone, tablet or computers, they could access a live chat service connected to Cardiff Women’s Aid (or any other social service). That service could easily be hidden on their command by a video game, when their abusive partner is around.

Exemple of use on mobile phone


Screenshot of the Bubble Shooter game on mobile phone

A “Help/Hide” button has been integrated in order to open and close the live chat window as quickly as possible.

logo-tawk.toThe live chat service used on Bubbles is :

a messaging app that let you monitor and chat with visitors on your website, mobile app or from a free customisable page. 

The advertising

Based on the worst case scenarios, it seems unlikely for victims of domestic abuse to have the possibility to access public places on their own. Their abusive partner would go with them anywhere.

Therefore, in order to match the discreet asset of « Bubbles », a subtle advertisement is a necessity.

That advertisement must provide awareness about domestic abuse and information

about the web app at the same time.

Consequently, its design must work as a « camouflage » in order to not attract the attention from perpetrators.


In order to respond to the criteria detailed previously, a leaflet which looks like an informative one has been created.


That leaflet has been designed in order to present a subject only women can be interested in.

The smaller text explain what domestic abuse is and the instructions to access the app are placed bellow the diagrams.


The design of that support can be changed depending on the target audience.

See Power Point Presentation below :

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